Who We Are / Path

Jacques Enaudeau is a French cartographer and data visualization specialist with ten years of experience working on print and online projects.

After years spent working abroad in in the UK and Senegal, he founded his dataviz studio, Palima, on his return to Paris in 2015. His clientele includes academic publishers, NGOs and government agencies like Cambridge University Press, UNHCR and France’s Ministère des Affaires Etrangères.

Since 2017, Palima has expanded its activities to training and consulting work on best data visualization practices for private companies. Most recently, Jacques has helped teams at Total and Danone refine their use of dataviz tools for business intelligence.

Jacques holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Sussex (UK) and a Masters degree in Geopolitics from the Sorbonne University (France).

What We Do / Data Analysis + Visualisation

  • We track down, aggregate and analyze hard-to-get data from various sources. The power of information often lies hidden within messy data sets. 
  • Every effective data visualisation is a balancing act between form and function. Our goal is to create beautiful engaging visualisations that reveal meaning and communicate insights. 

How We Do It / Listen, Think, Create

  • Our work is defined by a collaborative approach with our partners and clients. We define concepts, implementation strategies and technologies on an individual project basis.
  • Our results are always informed by a deep interest in the specific project context. We enjoy turning complicated matters into accessible visualizations and will use any tools to get there.

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